Mr. Brainwash Fame Moss (Cyan on Magenta) 2015

Mr. Brainwash Fame Moss (Cyan on Magenta)

Artist: Mr. Brainwash

Title: Fame Moss (Cyan on Magenta)

Portfolio: 2015 Fame Moss

Medium: Two color screen print on hand torn archival art paper

Date: 2015

Edition: 65

Sheet Size: 34 1/2" x 35"

Signature: Signed, numbered and dated with thumbprint verso



Mr. Brainwash, Fame Moss (Cyan on Magenta), 2015 Fame Moss Portfolio, 2015, Signed, Two color screen print on hand torn archival art paper, Edition 65, 34 1/2" x 35" Sheet Size,

Mr. Brainwash - or MBW - is a name used by French-born, Los Angeles based filmmaker and street artist Thierry Guetta. Guetta first made his appearance in the Banksy film Exit Through the Gift Shop (2010). The film suggests that Guetta first filmed street artists, and later transformed into a street artist himself over the course of a few weeks after an off-hand suggestion from Banksy. Mr. Brainwash’s work typically utilizes famous pop culture and historic images, altering them in either slight or significant ways. His work is strongly reminiscent of Banksy and Shepard Fairey,causing many critics to speculate whether or not Mr. Brainwash is in fact a well-staged prank by the other two street artists. Prank or not, Mr. Brainwash’s work is a result of the constantly evolving contemporary art world.

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