Customer letters


Hello Peter & Andrew, 
I just wanted to thank you again for squeezing us into the art hanging calendar late last week - our team couldn't be more appreciative!!
Increadibly professional, high quality and efficient work!
Many thanks, again!


Hi Peter,
I would like to thank you for all your help and good care in my search for the German Love from Robert Indiana! I've added two photos in the attachment with the print.
Kind regards,
     Sean Ringeling

Dear Peter
Mr Brainwash arrived today in perfect condition. Its a lovely piece! Thanks for wonderful efficiency and superb service as always.
With best wishes

Dear Peter,
The work just arrived here!
Packaging is indeed superb. The work is amazing. We are very happy. Thanks for the wonderful collaboration. This is not the last time we buy from your Company!

Dear Peter,
Our Chagall arrived today. It is even more beautiful in real life than it was in our imagination.
The frame is just perfect, too.
Thank you!

Thank you Peter,
Haring arrived! Thank you very much. Very good packing and paperwork.
I will be buying more

Sorry I didn't get to talk to you yesterday when I came in to pick this up.
The framing and print are stunning! Your team did an excellent job framing this. I can't stop looking at it and quite honestly want to buy more!
I'm so glad we were able to make this piece work and I'm very glad The Georgetown Frame Shop was the provider of my first master work / Dali.
Have a great day and I hope you are able to have some downtime over the holiday weekend.

Dear Peter,
The Miro print arrived today. It's a great print! Beautiful!

Hi Peter!
The Chagall lithograph arrived this afternoon, and it is even more beautiful than I imagined!
It was so carefully wrapped… I just couldn’t be happier. Thank you so very much!

The piece looks great in the white frame -- very happy with it. And I appreciated Andrew dropping it off on Sunday afternoon.
Thank you again. Take care.

Hi Peter and Jon.
FedEx just delivered the Chagall and it is beautiful.  We love it. Thank you so much for your expertise and for your patience.  The packaging was amazing.

Dear Peter,
Lithographe IV has arrived in prime condition, packed, as always, by a person who is dedicated to the art of shipping beautiful things. I am really happy to have such a “Picassoesque” Picasso to look at.  The more I look at it, the more I like the middle of the plague that is devastating Canada and the USA (and everywhere else), art gives hope. I am glad I purchased this Picasso from you.
Thanks for everything, Peter.

The cow showed up here yesterday and it was in great shape. We opened it as a family and all love it. Just as I had hoped it would be. Thank you both for helping it to get here to Nebraska.
Thank you again. 

Hi, All,
Just wanted to report that I received the lithograph last night (after a few too many goof-ups from Fedex) in great shape. Thanks for the quick shipping and excellent packing. It looks more beautiful than I even expected (this is a gift for my wife).
Hoping you can enjoy a relaxing few days after what must have been a bit of seasonal retail madness.
All my best,
     Jono     California

Hi Peter,
the picture has arrived safely. Many thanks for the fast and uncomplicated handling. Despite the great distance we will always look out for you in the future. We are totally thrilled !
best greetings from Arnsberg / Germany
     Christiane & Andreas

Peter, I just wanted to let you know I received the Dali and it’s excellent. I appreciate working with you, and your fantastic packing job.
Best regards,
     Walt         New Jersey

Dear Kristina, Dear Peter
Delivered! Thanks.
You have been wonderful in preparing the acquisition and helping us to arrange the payment.

Thanks Peter for your help on this.  The gift arrived in fine fashion and was a huge hit at the party.
     Best, Paul       Chicago, IL

hello peter
how are you?
i received now the Mick Jagger, i’m very hapy, the screenprint is very very strong,
now i hve 4 mick jagger in my collection
thank you so  much i’m happy to make other business togheter.
     Jonathan       Italy

Jon and Peter,
Chagall arrived in perfect condition, thanks to your superb packing.  Wonderful piece, beautifully framed.  Thank you!
     Bob L.    Fort Worth, TX     

Hi Peter,
I just receive the works and they are beautiful !!!! I really love ERNOK ! And the frame is perfect ! You did a very good job !
I sincerely want to thank all the team for your professionalism and perfect job !
Have a good day,
Best Regards,
     Mehdi      France

we received it and it looks great (my wife loves the Matisse cut outs)
thanks again,
     Paul      Delray Beach, FL

Dear Peter,
The Dufy arrived today in perfect condition as always.  It is truly a beautiful piece and you did a superb job of framing it.  The black frame really makes the Dufy colors stand out (but, of course, you already knew that).  I have the perfect place for it in my office … I am going to hang it on the wall behind my computer monitor.  It will be a relief to look up from the monitor and see Raoul Dufy.
Thanks so much, Peter.
     Jack       Canada 

Dear Kristina,
Just as you promised the Matisse arrived today. It is beautiful; I am so glad that I got it. As usual, it arrived in perfect condition.
It was packed so professionally that it could have withstood an atomic bomb blast!
Thank you.
     Jack       Canada 

Hi I meant to write a few days ago.
We love the Sam Francis thank you.
It's perfect! 
     Allison and Scott     Boston, MA

Got it!  Awesome!!!  Already on the wall and enjoying.  Look forward to our future deals.   Will always recommend. Thanks Peter from all of us.
     Tracy,Carol,Mayme     Danville, KY 

Hi Jon ,
Prints arrived safe and sound. They look amazing. Am very interested in more of the series framed to match. It's a big wall


The Richard Serra print arrived today. It looks great. Wonderful choice of frame.
Many thanks, 
     David    Chicago, IL

Hi Peter,
Thank you so much for the great service!  We just received our Picasso and it looks even better in person. The framing is amazing--we absolutely loooove it!
This is definitely the start of a great relationship.
Best regards, 
     Joanna & Matthew    Redondo Beach, CA

The Miro arrived a couple of hours ago. We feel so privileged to have this beautiful work. It will be passed down to our children and grandchildren. We are so grateful for your help and we will be seeing you again soon.
      Edward & Janet    Metairie, LA

Thanks, everyone! The pochoir arrived safely and looks great.
Take care, 
      Andy     Santa Cruz, CA

Dear Judith,
I just received the work and it is beautiful! Thank you so much for your effort and please pass along my gratitude and satisfaction to Peter.
Best always, 
      Phillip     Danville, PA

Hi Judith,
Just wanted to say thanks for all your help. The framed print is awesome and looks even better in person.
       Rob      New York, NY

Dear Peter, Lorraine, and Judith,
Just a note to let you know that I am really enjoying my restored painting. Thank you.
      John      Takoma Park, MD

Dear Judith and Peter,
Thank you both for a pleasurable business transaction. All arrived well and I look forward to working with you in the future. 
      Odon      Ontario, Canada

I received the justification page today and just love it. Thanks so much, it's a great addition to my vast Picasso collection (this piece makes three, and the only signed piece). I'll definitely keep checking out your web site for future art purchases.
Best regards, 
      Scott      Oklahoma City, OK

Hi Peter,
I received the lithograph today. Of course, it looks much better in person. It's great. Thanks!
Thank you for all your assistance and the information you've provided. I appreciate your answering my questions.  Best,
      Russell     Fairfax, VA

The Picasso Lysistrata is beautifully framed and absolutely wonderful. It is now hung and I'm now thrilled to be in the presence of a Picasso (along with an Andy Warhol). I'm so happy I found you guys -- please pass this message along to your associates at the shop.   PS: You folks really know how to pack a print for shipping -- good job.
      Harry       San Francisco, CA

Hi Peter,
The cheque arrived today.  Thank you so much! Very best wishes and thank you for your help. 

Peter and Judith,
Custer arrived today and I could not be more happy with it. It's sensational. Thank you for your great care in framing, packing, and shipping this. Many thanks.
      David      Chicago, IL

Thank you so much. The lithograph is wonderful.
      Jay       Toronto, Canada

Peter and Judith,
Thank you so much ...... Really amazing. Opened and so happy.
      Paul       London, UK

Denise loved the Renoir etching La Danse a la Campagne! The hit of Christmas! Thanks for your help. Keep me in mind for other interesting pieces you come across. My best,
      Mark      Boston, MA

Just wanted to tell you how much my mom loved the framed photos of our trip to Europe. She was caught completely by surprise and very moved which was great. All 3 of my brothers even commented on how beautiful the frames were as well. Many thanks for fitting me in at such short notice, for the great quality and personalized service. Hope that your Christmas was relaxing and that your New Year is a great one. Thanks again! 
       TJ      Washington, DC

Michael loved Andy Warhol's Committee 2000 and has already hung it. Thank you, again, for all of your kind assistance.  Cheers!
      Nancy     Charlottesville, VA

Dear Peter and Darcy,
I just opened the packages and the lithographs are framed beautifully. They are everything I wished them to be. I know my daughter will love them! Her birthday is Wednesday. Thank you!     
      Stella      New York, NY

Dear Darcy,
Esther just arrived. It is stunning-- a wonderful job on the frame. Thank you for all your help.     
     The Trovers      Houston, TX

Hi Peter:
Just wanted to send you a quick note to say that the Picasso Lysistrata etching arrived on Wednesday. Peter, I could not be more thrilled with the print. And as usual it is framed beautifully. Thank you again for giving me the opportunity to purchase it. Hope you enjoy the rest of the summer.
     Michael Hall    Canada

Hi Peter. 
The Picasso arrived safely. Beautiful. Thank you. Stay in touch. 
     Alberto     Torino, Italy 

Everything was received in first class condition.  Thank you for all your help.
    Larry P.      Ottawa, Canada

We just received the Chagall Lithographs---"Job Praying" and "Daniel in the Lion's Den". We are so pleased with them and the manner in which they were framed.
Thank you for all your help.
    Bart and Suzi Trover     Houston, TX 

Hey Darcy & Peter,
I received my etchings, beautifully framed and in record time.
Thank you both for the amazing service,
    Christine      Canton, Ohio    

Georgetown Frame Shoppe,
I can't tell you what a surprise it was to walk into my office this morning and find a beautifully framed newspaper article! It was so very thoughtful. The article itself has taken on a bit of a life of its own around here and we've gotten some nice ribbing for being called a "scattered brained graduate student" by the Washington Post.  Really can't thank you enough. You'll be seeing me again soon - I've got my eye on something for an upcoming birthday!  All best, 
    Mistique Cano    Washington, DC 

The Rouault's are Beautiful. Thank you so much, truly for everything.
     James      Philadelphia, PA

Hi Peter,
I received the check the other day. Thank you for your efforts and professionalism. Perhaps our paths will cross in other ways some day.
Peace and energy, 
     Ben    Falls Church, VA

Hi Peter: 
The Kathe Kollwitz arrived yesterday. It is a great etching and very beautifully framed. Thank you, Peter. I always enjoy very much doing business with you. Have a great spring. Talk with again soon.    
     Michael     Ontario, Canada

Hi Peter
The Andy Warhol Dracula has arrived and it looks fantastic! Thank you for the good buy and for the excellent advice. I will keep an eye to your homepage for my next buy. Best regards.
     Bruno     Switzerland

Dear Peter,
The lithograph arrived and is fabulous!  The frame is just right.  Thank you once again,
     Susan      New York, NY

Dear Peter,
Just left Fed Ex and opened the package. Beautiful job, Peter. Dorlisa will cry, happy tears.  All the best to you and your family through out the holidays.   
     Jeff    Carrollton, TX

Dear Peter and Darcy,
Just a word of thanks for the arrival of our paintings. They reached us yesterday afternoon, intact and ready for hanging. Everyone here is very pleased with them. Thanks for your good work on this.
All best,
     Tom    Waco, TX

I wanted to thank you for the great job on the Dance of the Fauns lithograph. The clean-up job really made a difference! It looks so different and new! Its been a fun experience finding that and having it restored.

Peter and Darcy,
I just wanted to Thank you again for the information AND the beautiful Chagall print. My husband LOVED it and was so surprised. It is now at the frameshop, and we should have back next week. Can't wait to hang it. Thanks again, wishing you and happy and prosperous new year
     Patti Gross   Biloxi, Mississippi

The Matisse arrived today and it is just beautiful! The paper is wonderful to touch and to look at. The Matisse drawing is beautifully rendered and the printing picks up his subtle strokes.   Anyway, I am very happy to have it.  Of course, it arrived in perfect condition, as always. Your packing would withstand even the highest winds of Hurricane Ike.  Thank you so much, Peter.
     Fr. Jack Hanna   Houston, TX

Dear Darcy,
The photo you framed for our CAG Silent Auction turned out beautifully! You are a master. Thank you so much for doing this for us. The framed photo brought in a small fortune--for a very good cause. It's wonderful neighbors like you that make Georgetown the special community it is.  Thank you! 
     Jennifer     The Citizens Association of Georgetown

Hi Darcy.
I confirm receipt of the Chagall today. The item is really great. I am very satisfied. Thanks.
Best Regards (also to Peter)
     Olaf   Germany

Dear Peter & Darcy
The items arrived yesterday and they are O.K.  Thank you very much.  Best Regards,
     Eisuke   Japan

Hi Peter & Darcy
The Matisse Zulma arrived safe & sound yesterday, it looks wonderful,the colours are so fresh.  Many thanks for your help.I am already saving for my next purchase.  Regards--
     David    West Sussex, United Kingdom

Just a quick note to say the Matisse arrived (packaged wonderfully) and the frame really looks terrific.  Thank you,
     Jennie    New York

I received the package yesterday. Thank you very much. I am anxious to give them to my wife and have them framed. Thank you again for explaining to me and working with me.
     Joe Schwab    New Jersey

Hi Peter,
The money arrived in my account this afternoon. I want to thank you once again for all you did. As a novice in the art world it was most impressive.    
     Bob Nathan    

Dear Peter Bortz,
The Matisse print arrived on Monday afternoon in very good shape. Thank you for all of your help, and I’m sure that my wife will love it.   Thanks again,
     Mr. Shepard    Tuscon, AZ

Thank you for the decent and professional manner in which you handled the matter concerning the Bouchet vintage poster I purchased from you last December. It is obvious why you have been in business since treat your clients respectfully. I look forward to doing further business with you in the future. Again, thank you for your prompt and courteous attention to solving the problem.  Best.
     Suzanne     Washington, DC

Thank you for the AWESOME job. Really really nice. Love it. The way you miter the corners is phenomenal. Further, I appreciate your great service and professionalism.

Hi Peter-
All OK, the strips are fantastic!!!!!!!!  Thank you very much.

Stephanie and I both think the piece looks terrific. I especially appreciate your courtesy in picking up the photo and the second copy of the magazine. You and your staff run a first-class organization.  Thanks again,

Dear Peter-
Thank you so much for box mounting my Kandinsky print. It is absolutely lovely, and I am so pleased with the final product. It is now mounted on my office wall, and everyone that has come into my office has remarked about how much they like it. I will definitely be sending more work your way. Thanks again.

Dear Peter-
L'Ange et La Vierge, as magnificently framed by your shop, now hangs on my wall. It's lovely. Thank you so much for such a tasteful and literally careful job of framing. Luckily I will be receiving another image from this group of photos. Thus, I look forward to coming to your shop for another frame soon. Warm regards, 

I wanted to drop you a quick note to thank you for doing a beautiful job on the framing of our message from President George Bush. I also have a project for my home that I would like to bring in to you. Hope to see you soon.      

Hi Peter-
Thanks so much for all your wonderful work.  Snow is now in a place of honor in my house instead of behind the door.  If I find anyone else that has a restoration problem, I will surely send them to you.  It's been a real pleasure doing business with you.  If you should ever need a reference you can count on me.  Thanks again and Best Regards,
     Mary Kay

Hi Peter-
I received the item today in flawless condition. Thanks for the quick service.   I look forward to doing business with your company again.   Thanks.

Dear Peter-
Last weekend I was able to travel to Madrid and therefore I was able to open your  package with the Sir Hiss and the certificate of authenticity. Everything is perfect! The drawing is beautiful and the documents are exactly as I wanted them to be.  Thank you very much once again for everything.  Best regards,
     Antonio     Madrid, Spain

Dear Peter-
Thank you so much for sending us the Miros and the Chagall, and the beautiful work with the frames and the background. My parents send their thanks and best wishes, and say they are really pleased with the way the frames worked out. I really love my Chagalll too, and am enjoying it every day. The shipment arrived in the middle of last week, but for various reasons, my parents kept missing the postman but they eventually arrived over the weekend - in perfect condition.  Thank you again for everything. Best regards,

Dear Peter, Katie-
We have received the Miro's pochoirs. They are magnificent!  I'll stay in touch.Thank you very much for your help!

Hallo Peter-
The poster has arrived in best condition and without any problems. It is really a great lithograph and everything looks very fine. Perhaps you want to contact me again with infos about other original posters from Picasso. Maybe we can make a deal again. So thank you very much for the good work.  Thanks to Kathryn, too.    

Dear Peter-
Drew and I would like to thank you very much for all of your wonderful assistance getting us settled back into our house with all the artwork, wall hangings, and crafts we accumulated during our four years abroad. We really appreciate your hard work, keen eye, great advice, flexibilty, patience, and warm friendliness. You have really made our transition back to the U.S. much easier and more enjoyable by helping to make our house feel like a home.   We look forward to staying in touch and I'll stop by your gallery soon to say hello. We also will definitely send friends your way who are interested in similar assistance and in purchasing the beautiful modern and contemporary artwork you sell.   Fondly, 

Dear Peter-
     Thank you so much for the Matisse Linocuts. They arrived in perfect condition and are beautiful! We look forward to doing business with you again sometime.      
     A. Teagle 

Dear Peter-
Recieved the Chagall Litho today and you promised not too much, it is beautiful and in excellent condition. Thank you and perhaps we'll do further business in the future. 
     Harmut Riehm

The Picture came last night and is terrific. Thanks for all your help. You guys definatley will be top of my mind when ordering more art work. Thanks again,

Peter and Katie-
Thanks for all your help...I look forward to doing more business with you in the future. 
Warm regards,
     Michael L.