Gerhard Richter Cage P19-2 2020

Gerhard Richter Cage P19-2

Artist: Gerhard Richter

Title: Cage P19-2

Portfolio: 2020 Cage

Medium: Diasec-mounted Giclée print on aluminium composite panel

Date: 2020

Edition: 200

Sheet Size: 39 3/8" x 39 3/8"

Signature: Numbered and labeled verso

Additional Details: HENI Editions is delighted to announce six new limited edition prints with Gerhard Richter, based off Richter’s monumental ‘Cage’ paintings. There are six Cage paintings (1-6) and we are releasing six corresponding editions, which represent each painting scaled down to 1 metre square (P19-1 to P19-6). In the ‘Cage’ paintings, square and abstract, Richter proceeded to push and pull seemingly endless layers of paint across the surfaces of his canvases in horizontal or vertical bands using his self-made squeegee. The bands of colour – grey, red, green, yellow, white and blue – are intermittently destroyed by Richter’s squeegee. Richter’s fluid technique produced heavily painted canvases which are rough and textured and scraped to reveal the obscured layers beneath in exciting bursts of colour. Normally on display in Tate as part of a long term loan to the museum, the ‘Cage’ series, painted in 2006, pay tribute to the great experimental composer John Cage (1912-1992), who Richter greatly admired and listened to during the painting of these works.



Gerhard Richter, Cage P19-2, 2020 Cage Portfolio, 2020, Unsigned, Diasec-mounted Giclée print on aluminium composite panel, Edition 200, 39 3/8" x 39 3/8" Sheet Size

Gerhard Richter is considered one of the most influential post-war German artists, with a prolific career spanning over six decades. His body of work includes photographs, paintings, and glass pieces, ranging in style from photorealist to abstract. Much of Richter’s art reflects a lasting interest in exploring the effects of trauma as well as the advancement of science and technology. By experimenting with techniques of layering, erasure, and distortion, Richter blends the boundaries between painting and photography, creating pieces that defy categorization. Richter has received numerous accolades for his work, including the Golden Lion of the 47th Venice Biennale in 1997, and his work has set record prices at auction.

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