Roy Lichtenstein Tel Aviv Museum Print

In the entrance hall of the Tel Aviv Museum of Art in Israel one evening in 1989, a gray curtain swept aside to reveal a colorful addition to the museum's collection - a vast mural, measuring 23 by 54 feet, by  ROY LICHTENSTEIN, the American Pop artist who had energetically taken to painting public murals.

It was the artist’s fourth mural and was split into two different paintings - one abstract, the other a potpourri of figures. Some of the figures resemble Roy Lichtenstein’s style and the others are reminiscent of  PABLO PICASSO, Oscar Schlemmer, MARC CHAGALL and Alexander Archipenko. The art piece was a gift from Mr. Lichtenstein to the museum.

 ''It's art about art about art,'' said an ecstatic Marc Scheps, the director of the museum. ''It shows the whole century in art and all the exchanges between figurative and abstract, which is a good thing to see when you enter this museum.'' Some Tel Avivians said they were proud to have what one Israeli art critic called a ''stylistically 'classic' Lichtenstein'' in their midst.

Roy Lichtenstein said he ''wanted to give something to Israel,'' yet he admits that his motives were not entirely altruistic. ''I like to paint large, and murals give me the chance to do it.'' With a nervous laugh, he added that there was also the ''egotistical idea'' of occupying the biggest space in the museum. ''The mural really takes up a lot of wall,'' he said.

The same year, Roy Lichetnein also created this large lithograph in colors of the TEL AVIV MUSEUM PRINT. Tel Aviv Museum Print (1989) by Roy Lichtenstein is an original lithograph in colors on Rives BFK paper. Tel Aviv Museum Print  is referenced in Corlett 238. Tel Aviv Museum Print is hand signed in pencil and is an edition of AP 8/20. For more information about Roy Lichtenstien or TEL AVIV MUSEUM PRINT, please contact the gallery. Call for Value