"You see, whatever I've done would not have been possible without Andy. Had Andy not broken the concept of what art is supposed to be, I just wouldn't have been able to exist."

Throughout his career, Keith Haring was vocal about his respect and admiration for Andy Warhol. Although Haring believed that he was a “different kind of artist,” he maintained that Warhol was a massive inspiration to him, both personally and professionally. The two artists shared many mutual interests, including popular culture and blurring the line between high and low art – challenging traditional ideas of what art could be. In the 1980s, Haring was introduced to Warhol and they became fast friends.

This friendship culminated in the 1986 Andy Mouse series, a portfolio of four silkscreens in which Haring paid tribute to the Pop art legend. The series combined Haring’s signature bold lines and vibrant colors with Warhol’s fascination with commercial and cultural icons. Widely regarded as Haring’s most brilliant work, the Andy Mouse prints remain some of the rarest and most sought after pieces in his catalog.

Haring created the Andy Mouse character by blending the iconic imagery associated with both Andy Warhol and Mickey Mouse. The oversized shoes, gloved hands, and round ears of the figure instantly call Mickey Mouse to mind, while Warhol’s signature thick glasses, spiked hair, and stoic expression complete the look. In Plate 2, he is being held in the air by several of Haring’s signature figures.

Andy Mouse: Plate 2 (1986) is a 38” x 38” silkscreen in colors on wove paper from an edition of 30. It was hand signed, numbered, and dated in pencil by Haring in the lower right corner and also hand signed in pencil by Warhol in the lower left. For more information about Keith Haring, Andy Warhol, or the Andy Mouse portfolio, please contact the gallery.