Pablo Picasso Nature Morte a la Pasteque (Still Life with Watermelon and Cherries)

"My old paintings no longer interest me. I'm much more curious about those I haven't yet done." - PABLO PICASSO

The 1960s were huge for Pablo Picasso. Although he was in his 80s, he remained curious and energetic as he experimented with new techniques. At the same time, his influence in the modern art world exploded as he inspired the new generation of artists. 

In the summer of 1960, Britain was overwhelmed by what the newspapers were calling “Picassomania.” The Tate gallery's Picasso exhibition opened in June, the most extensive retrospective of the artist's work ever staged, and from that moment the cultural life of the nation would never be the same again. 

The show was dubbed "the exhibition of the century.” William Hickey in the Express called it "the most vigorous, entertaining, interesting merry-go-round of art that London has ever seen". 

Artist David Hockney often discussed how Pablo Picasso’s late paintings of the 1960s influenced his own practice. “It’s staggering. He’s going on, always looking... He’s still looking. He’s still inventing.” DAVID HOCKNEY said. 

Pablo Picasso’s prints of the 1960s explore the graphic work that was also popular during the decade. NATURE MORTE A LA PASTEQUE (STILL LIFE WITH WATERMELON AND CHERRIES) is an excellent example of the emerging graphic and pop influence in Pablo Picasso's work. The bold lines of the yellow sun and border pop against the dark background. The watermelon and cherries are depicted with a clever simplicity. The piece gives the feeling of enjoying a charming Summer day picnic in the sun. 

NATURE MORTE A LA PASTEQUE (STILL LIFE WITH WATERMELON AND CHERRIES) (1962) by Pablo Picasso is a linocut in seven colors. Nature Morte a la Pasteque is an edition of 50 out of 160 and is referenced in Bloch 1098 and Baer 1301. Nature Morte a la Pasteque is hand signed in pencil. For more information about Pablo Picasso or Nature Morte a la Pasteque, please contact the gallery. SOLD