Paintings, prints, photographs, sculpture, books, and installations—Mel Bochner  has made works in nearly every medium throughout his nearly six-decade career. One of the founding fathers of conceptual art, Mel Bochner has spent his career questioning the art object, focusing on process and idea over a physical work of art.

And yet it is drawing that has always been foundational to his evolving ideas and to the Conceptual artworks that have resulted from those ideas. “For me drawing is the way to see what I’m thinking. All one needs is something to make a mark and a surface to make the mark on.”

But through making and compiling words, Bochner found a depth, eloquence and historical context uniquely suited to his paletteI was looking for something that could belong to me alone. Words and numbers, because they belong to everyone, don’t belong to anyone. That seemed like a place to start.”

His earlier words-based works were portraits and explorations of the flaws and contradictions of English. Amazing, has taken the form of borderline social activism, noting the constantly changing lexicon where “Amazing” is replaced by “OMG.”

“These works are my response to everything I see around me,” he says. “They address the disillusion of language in terms of contemporary discourse. I look at this as basically an inarticulate expression of the underlying contradictions of the systems we live in, with a lack of articulate consciousness. And maybe it’s an educational deficit.”

Amazing (2022) by Mek Bochner is an etching in 18 colors. Amazing is hand signed in pencil and is the edition of 10 out of 30. For more information about Amazing or Mel Bochner, please contact the gallery. Call for Value.