Keith Haring Flowers Plate 5

"Art should be something that liberates the soul, provokes the imagination and encourages people to go further."  –Keith Haring

Between flowers and sex there has long been an enduring link. For gay artists, in fact, the hermaphroditism of flowers – most have both pistils and stamens – has a particular symbolic appeal.

Throughout his life, from when he began in the late seventies up to his death in 1990, KEITH HARING produced work that was explicit around sex and sexuality. But sex, the symbol of the regeneration and transmission of life, soon becomes the vector of death when it appears in the early eighties as the specter of AIDS. This duality affects Keith Haring’s work and marks it deeply. 

Following his 1987 diagnosis with AIDS, Keith Haring resolved to work harder than ever in his remaining years, creating pieces with a fervent speed, and devoting his art to social action in addition to personal expression. He died in February 1990, soon after Flowers Plate 5 was created.

In Flowers Plate 5, the silkscreen ink that Keith Haring used to create this print was allowed to drip down the paper, creating thin lines of colorful drips that stand out in contrast to the solid black lines. 

FLOWERS PLATE 5 by Keith Haring is a Silkscreen created in 1990. Flowers Plate 5 is an edition of 100. Flowers Plate 5 is stamped and hand signed in pencil by the executor of the estate on the verso. For more information about Keith Haring or Plate 5  please contact the gallery. Call for value