Ever since his graffiti beginnings in 1990s New York – art has always been a communication too for KAWS. From street art to vast public commissions, he says, “it’s a chance to create a dialogue”. 

Some might not take KAWS's cartoon-inspired artwork seriously, or think it can truly be tackling difficult emotions and subjects. But, his Companion figurines have powerfully captured the range of emotions caused by the pandemic.

Companion in the years 2020, 2021 and 2022 is often seen laying face down, head dropped, holding their head in their hands, and covering their eyes. But, Companion can also evoke hope. This piece, SHARE, features KAWS’s Mickey Mouse-like “Companion” character carrying a miniature “BFF” figure, a furry Elmo knockoff the artist first introduced in 2016. Both have the artist’s signature crossed-out eyes. 

In SHARE, the “Companion” is meant to represent a sense of sadness, fear, and isolation, while the smaller “BFF” doll it carries suggests the comfort that so many of us need. KAWS Describes his work as “optimistic, personal, [and] inviting," and indeed, familiarity and accessibility are the why his artwork has so vividly captured the love and imagination of millions of people around the world. 

SHARE (2022) by KAWS is a screenprint on Stongehenge grey paper. SHARE is an edition of 500, plus 100 Artist Proofs. Each Screenprint is hand signed and numbered. For more information about KAWS, or if you would like to purchase SHARE, please contact the gallery. Call For Value