Heiner Meyer Masterpieces in Oils: Shell

"There is one thing that connects me with  PABLO PICASSO and ANDY WARHOL: We all like cars, but we don't have a license." – HEINER MEYER

German Pop Art artist Heiner Meyer has been providing us with insights into our psyche and consumer behavior for almost forty years. Unlike the Pop Art movement, which focused on the individual everyday object, Heiner Meyer’s work emphasizes the stream of juxtapositions of images that are fed into our daily lives. 

Heiner Meyer, born in 1953, lives and works in Bielefeld, Germany. He was a master student at the Academy of Fine Arts Braunschweig and SALVADOR DALÍ’S assistant in the early 70s. 

In his work we see images like pin-up girls posed next to Mickey Mouse, Paris Hilton competing with glamorous icons like Marilyn Monroe, and Oil Company logos on soup cans. The 2016 portfolio Masterpieces in Oils is both a play on words and reference to Andy Warhol’s famous Soupcans of the 1960s. The 10 screen prints feature companies like MOBILOIL, Shell, Sinclair, ESSO, and more. 

The placement of oil labels on soup cans creates a very visceral  reaction in the viewer. You can almost imagine yourself trying to eat or drink the oil straight out of the can and what it could possibly taste like. It is an effective commentary on our consumption of oil as a society. 

SHELL FROM THE PORTFOLIO MASTERPIECES IN OILS (2016) by Heiner Meyer is a Screenprint (multi-colored) on handmade paper. Masterpieces in Oils: Shell is an edition of 60 and is hand-signed and numbered. For more information about Heiner Meyer, or the portfolio Masterpieces in Oils, please contact the gallery. Call for value