Derrick Adams Silver Lining

What stands out about Artist DERRICK ADAMS is his modernist influence and interest in collage and layering. Like Henri Matisse, his use of collage and texture make his art feel more tangible and sensory. 

Derrick Adams grew up in Baltimore, surrounded by a nurturing family that appreciated art. His hometown, known as "Monument City," gave rise to his interaction with architecture as foundation, and led to his ongoing use of "bricks" as a motif.

Being surrounded by a "collective consciousness of color and textiles," whether it was his grandmother making "curtains and shelf-liners" or an aunt's favorite scheme of mauve and grey hues, "set a tone."

Many critics say that Derrick Adams has struck the perfect balance of depicting personal and difficult narratives and black joy and leisure. 

Derrick Adams talked about his process as an artist. He sees the act of creating as "visceral," and the aftermath as a period of "academic analyzation." Derrick Adams said, "When you make a work, it shows people how you digest your ideas. Everything you've absorbed is realized in the work."

SILVER LINING (2022) by Derrick Adams is a silkscreen, relief, and collage. Silver Lining is an edition of 100 and is hand signed by the artist. For more information about Derrick Adams or if you are interested in purchasing Silver Lining, please contact the gallery. Call for Value