Andy Warhol Moonwalk (Trial Proof) 13/66

Andy Warhol is best remembered for his contributions to the Pop Art movement, and his iconic screenprints are instantly recognizable. 

His Moonwalk prints, some of the last works completed before his death in 1987, are no exception. Intended to be part of a series titled TV, which would have highlighted images of famous televised moments, only two prints were completed — one astronaut in pink, the other in yellow. The regular edition totals 160, and 66 unique Trial Proofs were also printed.

Although the portfolio was rooted in the influence of televised moments, the images that Warhol used to create Moonwalk never actually appeared on the live TV broadcast of the moon landing. Warhol combined two separate photographs taken by Neil Armstrong for the final composition – first mirror-reversing the famous “selfie” that Armstrong took of himself in the reflection of Buzz Aldrin’s space suit, then placing that figure to the left of the American flag in another photo.

It is a widely held opinion among art critics that Moonwalk perfectly exemplifies Warhol’s talent for identifying iconic images and adding his own unique elements in order to create timeless Pop Art masterpieces. 

Moonwalk (Trial Proof) (1987) by Andy Warhol is an original screenprint on Lenox Museum Board with a 38” x 38” sheet size. This Moonwalk (Trial Proof) is the 13th of 66 unique Trial Proofs, and is referenced in Feldman IIB.404-405. Warhol’s signature on the front is printed, and it is numbered in pencil on the lower right. Moonwalk is signed on verso by the executor of the Andy Warhol Estate, the publisher, and the printer on a stamped certificate of authenticity. For more information about Moonwalk or Andy Warhol please contact the gallery.