Andy Warhol General Custer

"I want to die with my blue jeans on." - ANDY WARHOL

Even ardent fans of American artist Andy Warhol aren’t likely aware that the Pop icon loved the Wild West. He owned five pairs of Lucchese cowboy boots (some splattered with paint from his studio) and wore them frequently– an eclectic choice for New York City living. 

Andy Warhol frequently traveled to New Mexico, Texas and Colorado, where he acquired some of his vast personal collection of western art, pottery, photographs, artifacts, fashion, and accessories. As a child, I created a movie-star scrapbook featuring famous movie cowboys like Gene Autry and Roy Rogers. 

Andy Warhol even directed an American Western film, Lonesome Cowboys, in 1968. The film is a satire of Hollywood Westerns, and was initially screened in November 1968 at the San Francisco International Film Festival, where it won the Best Film Award.

Andy Warhol’s western influences culminated in the last major project before his death – the 1986 series COWBOYS AND INDIANS. The 14 iconic Western subjects making up this group include CUSTER, Geronimo, Annie Oakley, and John Wayne. Cowboys and Indians juxtaposes images of pop culture’s mythic West with Warhol’s interpretations of 19th century history, all in his signature style. 

Pop art was hailed during its heyday as purely American. Andy Warhol himself regularly told interviewers he was as American as they come. And there are few things as uniquely American as the people and cultures of the West. 

GENERAL CUSTER (1986) from the Cowboys and Indians portfolio, is a screenprint on the Lenox Museum Board by Andy Warhol. General Custer is referenced in Feldman II.379. General Custer is an edition of 216/250 and is hand-signed in pencil.For more information about Andy Warhol or if you are interested in purchasing General Custer, please contact the gallery. SOLD