But I always say, one's company, two's a crowd, and three's a party” – Andy Warhol

This beautiful screen print entitled, Committee 2000, is hand signed by the iconic pop artist. It comes from an edition of 2,000 total, and was originally released in 1982. This print is considered a modern day still life, reminiscent of still life compositions typically created during the renaissance.  During the Renaissance, artists turned to the classical world and its art, for inspiration. Their still life’s depicted fruits, flowers, eating vessels, bones, and skulls in a straightforward manner. 

"Committee 2000" is representative of Andy Warhol's ultra-glamorous brand during the last days of disco. It was the heyday of Studio54's, so it is likely that the confetti-strewn champagne glasses were photographed in the legendary night club that Warhol was known to frequent.

In the decades since, Studio 54 has become the subject of every art director’s glamor mood board. Andy Warhol’s famous quote about his experiences at Studio 54 goes “It’s a dictatorship at the door and a democracy on the dance floor.”

Despite the indulgences the subject represents,  the sales of the screenprint actually benefited the Committee 2000 meeting in Munich to fund arts initiatives going into the start of the 21st century. 

Committee 2000 (1982) by Andy Warhol is a screenprint on Lenox Museum Board. Committee 2000 is hand signed in pencil, referenced in Feldman II.289, and is an edition of 677 out of 2000. For more information about Andy Warhol or if you are interested in purchasing Committee 2000, please contact the gallery. Call for Value