Maurice de Vlaminck Le passage a nieveau 1963
Maurice de Vlaminck Le passage a nieveau 1963

Maurice de Vlaminck Le passage a nieveau

Artist: Maurice de Vlaminck

Title: Maurice de Vlaminck Le passage a nieveau

Portfolio: Notre Pain Quotidien

Medium: Original lithograph

Date: 1963

Edition: 61/250

Sheet Size: 20" x 17

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Maurice de Vlaminck was born on April 4, 1876 in Paris to musician parents. He began painting as a teenager, and at seventeen studied painting with Henri Rigalon. At 23, while on a train to Paris, Vlaminck met Andre Derain. The two eventually opened a studio jointly, and painted together. For a time, Vlaminck lived in Chatou, and exhibited with his contemporary Fauvist painters, among them Henri Matisse and Derain. The influence of both Impressionism and early Expressionism in Europe -particularly the paintings of Vincent van Gogh- is evident in Vlaminck's paintings. Vlaminck's paintings are distinguished for their liberal application of pigment and breadth of color, for instance. Around 1908, Vlaminck came under the influence of Paul Cezanne, and the appearance of his paintings thus grew simpler and more monochromatic. Throughout his career, Vlaminck also produced numerous lithographs that retain the intense visual style of his paintings. Vlaminck died in Reuil-la-Gadelière on October 11, 1958.

Maurice de Vlaminck, Maurice de Vlaminck Le passage a nieveau, Notre Pain Quotidien Portfolio, 1963, Original lithograph, Edition 61/250, 20" x 17 Sheet Size,

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