Hebru Brantley SMILE (Yellow) 2019

Hebru Brantley SMILE (Yellow)

Artist: Hebru Brantley

Title: SMILE (Yellow)

Portfolio: 2019 SMILE

Medium: 6-color hand-pulled screenprint

Date: 2019

Edition: AP aside from the box set edition of 25

Sheet Size: 28" x 24"

Signature: Hand signed in pencil

Price Upon Request


Hebru Brantley is a Chicago-based contemporary artist who creates narrative-driven Afro-Futurist art. His heroic characters are bold and brightly-colored, creating fantasy worlds from the realities of urban life and exploring themes of nostalgia, power, and hope. Drawing inspiration from pop culture and his own background as a graffiti artist, Brantley has worked with a variety of mediums to create murals, paintings, prints, and merchandise, while also experimenting with nontraditional mediums like found objects, wood, coffee, and tea. His work has been exhibited internationally, and he’s collaborated with brands such as Nike, Huboly, and Adidas.

Hebru Brantley, SMILE (Yellow), 2019 SMILE Portfolio, 2019, Signed, 6-color hand-pulled screenprint, Edition AP aside from the box set edition of 25, 28" x 24" Sheet Size

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