Raoul Dufy - La Fee Electricite

(Dufy, Raoul, 1877-1953) La Fee Electricite consists of 10 lithographs by Charles Sorlier after Raoul Dufy. There were a total of 350 editions of La Fee Electricite printed by Fernand Mourlot on Arches wove paper, under the direct supervision of Raoul Dufy. The first edition was published in 1953, with the justification stamp and publisher's signature on the first lithograph. The sheet and image size of each lithograph measures over 100 x 60 cm. This portfolio was created by Charles Sorlier to be a reduced facsimile of Dufy's 1937 mural La Fee Electricite. The original work measures 10 x 60 meters, the most monumental work of art ever created. Here Dufy created a panoramic view of the history of electricity from ancient times to first half of the 20th century for the Pavilion de l'Electricite at the 1937 World Exhibit. The mural now resides at the Musee D'Art Moderne de la Ville de Paris. It depicts the gods of Olympus and 110 scientists, from Aristotle to Pierre Curie, who were associated with electricity. Over 200 lithographic stones were used over a period of 3 years to achieve the exact colors as in the mural. References: Monod 4001.




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