Roy Lichtenstein: Reflections Series (1990)

In 1988, Lichtenstein began work on a group of seven prints, which would become part of his Reflections series. Throughout his career, Lichtenstein was fascinated with the idea of reflections; the complex interaction of light and images can generate an unlimited source of ideas and inspirations.  The idea of the Reflections series was to partially obscure the central image by reflective streaks, as if behind glass or reflected in a mirror. Lichtenstein began experimenting with the idea of reflections early in his career, however, Reflections was the first complete body of work representing the concept. Combining lithography, screenprint, and relief with collage and embossing, Lichtenstein used large semi-abstract blocks of color and pattern to obscure the images, in order to simulate reflected light. Lichtenstein regularly paraphrased other pictures in his art, often reusing aspects of his own works; the Reflections prints are a typical example. The seven prints of the series were printed at Tyler Graphics Ltd, and were completed in 1990.

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