Henri Matisse Lithographs Florilège des Amours de Ronsard

Florilège des Amours de Ronsard is one of Henri Matisse's most complicated and successful printmaking endeavors. He spent several years working on this anthology, for which he personally selected, translated and illustrated the love poems of 16th century French Renaissance poet Pierre de Ronsard. Ronsard's subject and strong imagery lent themselves gracefully to Matisse's favored themes of fruits, flowers, the female form and portraits.
Currently, we have a large selection of Henri Matisse lithographs from the imaginative and romantic portfolio.

Henri Matisse began working on the portfiolio in 1941. He exercised full control over selection and interpretation of verses, page layout, paper quality, and typeface. He made several revisions during the seven-year interim, expanding the commission from 30 to 128 illustrations. The anthology was published by Albert Skira in 1948.

The lithographs are printed in sanguine on Arches Wove and measure 22"x13" and 11"x13". The portfolio is number 170 from an edition of 250.

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