Henri Matisse Lithographs Poesies Antillaises

Henri Matisse created the suite called Poesies Antillaises in between 1948 and 1953. Matisse worked on the stones meticulously for the portfolio of lithographs on and off through out that time period and up until his death. Currently, we have a large selection of beautiful Henri Matisse lithographs from the famous suite called "Poesies Antillaises".

The contract between the artist and the publisher was established in 1947, but financial problems arose, and then Henri Matisse died. At the urging of Henri Matisse's heirs, the work finally appeared in 1972, almost 20 years after Matisse' death by the renowned publisher Fernand Mourlot, who scrupulously followed both Henri Matisse's maquette and the final corrected proofs signed by the artist.

Henri Matisse decided to make these lithographs in homage of his dear friend, traveling poet, John-Antoine Nau. The two men formed a bond of friendship because of a love they shared for Martinique, a woman that had brought them together. Matisse composed this suite of lithographs with the matching poems by his friend, much like he had Ronsard or Charles d'Orleans- himself choosing the poems which inspired him.

Henri Matisse lithographs from "Poesies Antillaises" are very hard to find at reasonable prices since they are very desireable images and only a total of 275 suites were published.

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