Fine Art Appraisals


Georgetown Frame Shoppe will provide a detailed, written art appraisal indicating the fair market or replacement value of your art.  Please contact us to learn about our reasonable fees.

Art Appraisals can help you:
    -Organize and manage your art collection
    -Get a sense of your collection’s current value
    -Learn about your art and its history
    -Protect your collection against loss, theft, or damage

Art Appraisals are invaluable during:
    -Estate planning
    -Insurance claims
    -Charitable giving

Types of Appraisals:
    -Insurance Appraisals
    -Estate Tax Appraisals
    -Charitable Donation Appraisals
    -Equitable Distribution Appraisals
    -Damage and Loss Appraisals
    -Professional Opinion of Value (POV) Appraisals

Georgetown Frame Shoppe has over twenty years of active, hands on art experience.  We are certified
International Fine Art Appraisers (IFAA).  Members of the IFAA "maintain the highest level of ethical
conduct and professional standards."

Art appraisals are an important part of owning art, and the best way to protect your collection.  Art values
can change and you may need to adjust your insurance coverage to protect your artworks from loss,
theft, or damage.  It is therefore beneficial to always have a current appraisal.  Re-evaluations are
recommended every few years.